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Monitoring & Evaluation



The M&E Unit is responsible for periodically demonstrating that AGRA's investments across the targeted countries are yielding results among the beneficiaries (the smallholder farmers).

This is done through regular studies, field visits and grantee reports. Program departments are constantly engaged to ensure that data collection from the field meet professional standards of quality and reliability. Studies are also conducted at different stages of program implementation; baseline, mid-term and end-of-project evaluation. Results from these studies are used as evidence to inform policy action, learning, improvement and accountability to stakeholders.

Key functions of M&E

AGRA's M & E Unit collects, analyzes, manages, and reports on data and information that is used to:

  • Monitor progress towards outcomes;
  • Inform the management of portfolios of grants;
  • Facilitate the testing of key assumptions within the AGRA strategy, programs, and grants;
  • Systematically capture lessons learned from successes and failures;
  • Manage risk;
  • Evaluate how AGRA's investments contribute to agricultural development and improve the lives of smallholder farmers.